The Nuraphone is a Sound Obsession

WADES Report tests ‘the world’s smartest headphones’.

In world saturated with technology that while fun, often isn’t necessary, it is quite special when something breaks through with the ability to reset the status quo in a meaningful way.

Enter the Nuraphone, a set of smart headphones designed by a gang of music loving scientists, engineers and creatives in Melbourne. Touted as, “the world’s only headphone that automatically learns and adapts to your unique hearing,” we were eager to find out how good these intuitive headphones could possibly be?

We tried Nuraphone headphones on five different sets of ears representing various ages, genders and levels of hearing ability. Within seconds of receiving and trialling their custom sound profile, each person was completely converted to the Nuraphone’s impressive new way of delivering sound.

There are many things that make the Nuraphone headphones different, but most significantly, it is technology that uses otoacoustic emission to calibrate distinct audio profile for your ears.

To do this, the Nuraphone omits a series of tiny sounds into your ear. When your ear receives these sounds, it makes a tiny response back, and the Nuraphone records this response to understand the way your ear hears. Through machine learning, it customises the way the headphones deliver sound. In simple terms, it balances areas where you hear well and compensates in gaps where you don’t, flooding your ears with sound that feels full, alive and complete.  

It’s a sound revelation with the ability to induce emotion, as we witnessed in some of our trials. Did we mention, it takes the Nuraphone just 60 seconds to create this custom sound profile?

This is not the only cool thing about the Nuraphone. 

We are obsessed with its ‘Immersion’ mode which delivers your playlist with enhanced surround sound, beat and vibration through which you can transform your commute play list into the experience of a live gig. 

Another uniqueness to the Nuraphone is the structure. It fits both in-ear and over-the-ear, with two speakers fitted to each side. This is how the Nuraphone delivers sound like you’ve never heard it.

The Nuraphone comes with the important aspects you want in a set of headphones. That being Bluetooth connectivity, active noise cancelling that will rival any crying baby, social mode for when you need to be available and a light frame that is comfortable on your head for long flights. With a Lithium Ion Battery that truly lasts up to 20 hours and an external microphone for calls, you’ll never have to take them off!

In the oversaturated tech market, it is hard to make an impact, but the Nuraphone is something truly special. Not only does it set a new precedent for how die-hard music lovers can experience sound, but our trials showed it enabled even those with hearing difficulties to enjoy music in a way they never previously imagined as possible. 

The Nuraphone is a sound obsession for us.