Hang Time

A clever, portable hammock that makes ‘hanging out’ easy for everyone.

“We love hammocks and wanted to make one that was easy to hang yet compact enough for you to take on a quick day hike or toss into carry-on luggage,” says the creators of Ghost Outdoors; Hayley, Elizabeth and Mark.

Their Carry-On Hammock is less than 500g, including tree straps and carabiners, with a colour range inspired by the Australian landscape. Everything tucks away into one tiny pouch that can be easily clipped to a travel bag.

Rather than polyester-based competitors, the Carry-On Hammock is made from light-weight parachute for ultra-durability and a soft, comfortable feel.

Ghost Outdoors was created by three Perth friends whose passion for the outdoors was being held back by their distaste for the unattractive and bulky gear on the market.

“We were sick of toting gear that didn’t feel like us. Most of the stuff out there was too technical and just took up space at home when we weren’t on a hardcore trip. We created Ghost for people who demand more but want to live with less,” the Ghost Outdoors team said.

The Ghost Outdoors range reimagines gnarly camping gear into beautiful, functional life accessories, perfect for those who want to travel and live with less.