Undercover Cool

Luxe adventure gear Ghost Outdoors’ latest creation has an important purpose; to get cold beers from A to B.

The makers of the Ultimate Rucksack and Carry-On Hammock have unveiled their latest creation, a deluxe cooler bag.

Designers, Ghost Outdoors spent over 18 months of prototyping to create the ‘Undercover Cool Bag’, a life accessory that is sleek in appearance and big in usefulness.

The bag is collapsible for easy storage, with an insulated, roll-top design that can keep ice cold for up to 48 hours. As with any Ghost Outdoor creation, it’s designed to throw over your shoulder from city to beach, to weekends away, travelling, picnics, cycling and beyond.

The bag holds up to 18 cans and has a waterproof pocket to hold a phone and wallet, plus a hidden bottle opener so you’re never caught short. It can also double as a flotation device if ever required!

Started in Perth in 2016, Ghost Outdoors has a simple mission, to make cooler camping and outdoor gear, inspired by Australian-style adventuring, cutting loose and breaking free.