Industrial Chic

Designers Callum Campbell and Jack Flanagan had the idea of using a technique readily associated with mining to create a beautiful object. After extensive development and prototyping, they created the Grain Stool, a design that creates beauty from a context where it isn’t traditionally seen.

The Grain stool is made with aluminium and set by a method called sand-casting. In Western Australia, this method is used mostly within the mining industry. The labour-intensive process involves setting metal in a specially made case of sand. This creates a unique, tactile surface.

The seat is made from a single piece of aluminium set this way and its geometry and thin, lightweight design took two years of development to perfect.

In addition to its form and function, the designers selected aluminium for the metal’s sustainability as a highly-durable element that once mined, can last forever, or be re-used over and over again in the future.

The legs are made from US Black Walnut and European Oak, while hidden under the seat is a surprise touch of detail, presenting a side of romance to a metal that rarely sees it.

The Grain Stool received the 2015 Australian Contemporary Design Awards’ ‘People’s Choice Award.’

Various finishes on the stools are available.

Images courtesy of Callum Campbell
Photographer: Dan Hocking
Stylist: Marsha Golemac