Concrete Furniture is Go

“Concrete isn’t going anywhere. It is brutalist, it is masculine. And I saw an enormous window to take what was essentially a building material and create a new world with it,” Product Designer, Matt Di Costa.

Matt Di Costa Nood Co has a simple purpose; to feminise concrete through its sleek and contemporary designs of fixtures and furnishings that reimagine the material for form and function, through a bright colour palette and striking, yet light-weight shapes.

“I designed and project managed a residential project 4-5 years ago. The design challenge for the project was to see if we could take a Parisian style interior and inject concrete, to create a balance between soft and hard, feminine and masculine,” Di Costa says.

To achieve this, parquetry style concrete tiles and a trough sink were designed.

“The result was something we were really pleased with,” Di Costa continued.

“Months later we were sitting around, having a drink, and I said, ‘I wonder if anyone has created a contemporary furniture range?’ That started an explosion of design ideas, and soon enough I was renting my sister’s giant garage as a concrete lab of trial and error. We made 15 pieces, and so it began.”

Nood Co’s first piece was a trough sink vanity set, inspired by the concept of the old Italian trough sink, with a contemporary edge.

The range is underpinned by its curves, disproportion and a sense of humour.

“We spend a long time designing and cad drawing each piece, making sure it feels ‘Nood’. We make a ‘master’ piece, then we create a rubber mould for this piece, and begin pouring the concrete. Then the piece goes through sealing testing. It’s a long process but all good things are tough.”

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