Handbrake’s Limited Edition Denim Series

Handbrake introduces a limited-edition denim range of hand-drawn, collector wearables.

Artist and Illustrator, Handbrake AKA Hans Bruechle has made his work wearable, releasing a new limited-edition collection of hand-painted denim jackets.

The designer and street artist is known for his unique murals that fuse tattoo, cartoon and caricature principles and can be seen on murals at Shy John Brewery & Yum Cha and Maddington Central.

The range began with a one-off design Bruechle had painted for himself. After being bombarded by friends and strangers on the street wanting their own Handbrake jacket, Bruechle has released a limited-edition collection of fifty jackets for men and fifty for women, with each individually numbered.

Bruechle’s designs take a unique perspective on everyday things in the world, immortalising the mundane into striking illustration, for instance, his pizza addiction graphic that animates the simple idea of being ‘addicted to pizza’. He keeps a list on his phone of ‘everyday things’ that can be reimagined in a more interesting way through his paintings.

The jackets themselves are custom made in collaboration with ROSE, with Bruechle designing all trimmings, right down to the buttons and stitching to ensure the jackets reflect his design aesthetic.

Started in Perth in 2010, Handbrake Designs is about embracing the quirkiness within every individual and not being afraid actively show it off.