Neighbourhood Brew

In the industrial area of Perth suburb, Myaree, the Otherside Brewing Co.’s new neighbourhood brewhouse and functioning brewery brings community and personality to an unexpected locality.

The brewery is an example of how an ordinary industrial warehouse can become into a popular neighbourhood hangout through the thoughtful use of space.

Architect Michael Benson from Benson Studio has developed a pared back design to create a relaxed, approachable ambience. Visitors feel immersed in the brewing process, with fully-functioning coppers only metres from the hospitality space. The proximity to the action reiterates the local craft-beer story.

A round bar is the centrepiece of the brewhouse to encourage inclusivity, and acts to connect of all areas of the brewhouse for cohesiveness, making beer and socialising the star attraction.

The business operates an ongoing Beer Tycoon ‘buy a piece of the bar’ crowdfunding campaign and names of the donors are displayed tastefully upon contemporary subway-tile inspired bricks at the centre bar.

Otherside is the brainchild of a group of friends working in the music industry. Also lovers of art, their brewery is a space that also celebrates creativity.

Originals of the art featured on their packaging are celebrated on the walls of the brewhouse. Playful murals and cleverly-placed vertical gardens bring youthful energy to the warehouse too.

Up and coming local music talent is nurtured through a programme of different gigs on the weekends along with their unique ‘Tapped by the Otherside’ grant initiative, through which they share their profits to help support local musicians, visual artists and filmmakers in their own creative pursuits.

Original photography by WADES.