Australia’s Best Reusable Coffee Cups

Kick start your sustainability goals with three of the most exciting Australian-designed eco coffee cups going. They are so incredible, you’ll want to take them everywhere.

The Intelligent Upcycler

The team behind the HuskeeCup found a way to take coffee husks (which normally end up as waste) and turn them into reusable cups. This unique coffee cup has been engineered with every detail in mind; thermal properties to keep your coffee hotter for longer, fins to keep your hands away from the heat of your drink and a streamlined design that means there’s nowhere for coffee to hide with a wash. Not only is Huskee tackling sustainability with reusable cups for the everyday person, they are also reimagining how cafes can incorporate reusable cups into their everyday operations. HuskeeSwap aims to create a never-ending cycle of reusable cups in your cafe. Find out if your local cafe is involved, or encourage them to get involved.

The Gadget Addict

Melbourne’s Frank Green’s Next Generation Reusable Cup combines everything you could ever need into a coffee cup; namely Visa PayWave, intelligent ceramic cooling and their customisable, minimalist aesthetic with seasonal colour releases and even the ability to monogram. If it’s your turn to shout the office, don’t worry, they have that covered with a reusable cup tray that also has Visa PayWave. The award-winning designers have made it their mission since 2014 to cut down the number of single-use products, starting with reusable cups.

The Art Collector

Sally Smith of Deep Earth Ceramics creates ceramic reusable cups from a studio in Western Australia. Made from local dark stoneware clay, the designs reflect the textures of the beach and earthiness of the Australian landscape. Each cup is handmade and a unique artwork, in itself. “Over the years it has saddened me to see the damage we were doing to the environment with so much plastic waste ending up in our waterways,” says Sally about the motivation to launch her range. “The designs are inspired by the changing colours, light and the breaking of the waves on the shore. My hope is that as people use this product they will be reminded of the preciousness and wonder of our oceans as they enjoy drinking their coffee.”